A Brotherhood of Faithfulness

Godliness doesn’t come by doing one great thing. It comes by a thousand small steps of faithfulness. Most of the time these small steps go unnoticed. They happen early in the morning or when you are alone or in the confines of your household. These steps in faithfulness are rarely exciting or adventurous or tweet worthy. The sum of these steps though, is a man that walks with God. He is wise and strong, patient and courageous, faithful and diligent. The man that disciplines himself to this end will have the delight that comes from walking in the righteousness that Christ provides. 

The men that God has surrounded you with are an incredible demonstration of God’s grace. This group of men can become a brotherhood of faithfulness that take these small steps together.  We all got here alone….by God’s work in our individual lives. However we are united by adoption, mission, and proximity. We are adopted as sons of the same Father and are therefore brothers. We serve the purposes of the same King and are therefore united by His mission. We all also find ourselves in the same local church at the same season. What a good gift God has given us. We don’t have to go alone. Not today. Today we can take steps in the midst of a brotherhood of faithful men. 

In the days ahead we’re going to challenge the men of Restoration Church to be actively engaged in this brotherhood of faithfulness that God has lead us all to. Here is the basic structure that we’re looking at….

Weekly conversation with 2-3 other men in your local body. 

Monthly breakfast with all the men in your local body. 

Quarterly gathering with all the men in Restoration Noblesville & Lebanon

Annually retreat to enjoy some time together, reconnect, play, and regroup. 

So what do we discuss at the these weekly conversations?
A weekly meeting will give you time to discuss all sorts of things, but we wanted to give you a springboard into good conversation. That’s where these daily steps of faithfulness come in. We’ve compiled 12 disciplines that we’re going to sharpen over the next year. We’re asking you to take one daily step of faithfulness in a different discipline each month. 

November’s discipline is Bible intake. The goal for the month is to read or listen to at least one chapter of the Bible everyday in the month of November. We don’t want to imply that men in the church aren’t reading the Bible.  The aim here is to delight in this specific discipline and make it a part of your everyday routine for the month. Now this doesn’t mean that other disciplines you have in your life need to take a back seat. We just want to collectively step into this exercise together. Next month there will be a different focus. 

How do I get into one of these weekly conversations?
If you know of a group that is already meeting, just show up….I’m sure they’d love to have you. You can also shoot an email to matt@restoration.community or stephen@restoration.community or landon@restoration.community and we’ll connect you with an existing group or help you start a new one. 

Pride pushes us to figure out that one great thing that we can do to set ourselves apart from the crowd. Humility leads us to lean into the men that God has brought into our lives…to be known by them, sharpened by them, and to go forward together. Join us in this brotherhood of faithfulness. 

Matt BrewerComment