Our Mission:

Helping broken people become passionate followers of Jesus


We are all broken.

But that wasn’t what God intended! He made the world good. He made us good!

Ever since the great deception, people have walked away from God and we now live in a fallen world, with fractured lives.

But God is at work. He is restoring the world, and restoring people. He is making all things new.

He came in the person of Jesus to step into our place and free us from the penalty of sin.

He is freeing us from the power of sin, and he promises to free us from the presence of sin.

God, the creator of the universe and restorer of our souls also invites us to participate in the restorative work he is doing in the lives of people all around us! We get to help mend the brokenness of the world. To point people to Jesus so they too can find hope and healing.

And that is our mission. We want to help broken people become passionate followers of Jesus.

Want to join us?